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Letter to Parents: Head Start Reopen

Dear Parents:

First, let me thank you for your support and understanding as we, as a community and a nation, have responded to the sweeping impact of COVID-19 since March. Our collective strength and resolve continues to reveal itself in new, and sometimes surprising, ways. I am very proud of the way our CAA educators and parent leaders have handled the demands we were faced with to protect everyone as we continue to support the community during this most unconventional of circumstances. As you know, concerns and questions are arising related to how the programs plan to reopen in August 2020; and while we are in the business of educating, our first priority is the safety of our children, families and our employees.

What to expect in August and September: We recently conveyed to you that we would be open to serve children on August 24, 2020. In light of the recent incidence of cases in the Cincinnati area and in our region, we have made the decision to modify the in-person plan to align with Cincinnati Public Schools. Be assured, we have been working diligently updating and revising our Smart Restart Plan. Given the extensive information needed to plan as COVID-19 as issues emerge, the comprehensive Smart Restart Plan will be released to families and staff by August 24, 2020.

From there, we will reevaluate the in-person classes on September 15, 2020 and determine the process going forward for opening. During this intervening time we will administer virtual operations and distance learning. Supporting your success: You can be confident that our virtual operations will deliver the same content that we would for in-person services, promoting the education and well-being of your child. More specifically: àOur educators will make periodic, regular contact with you and your child individually and with the group of children and families. àWe will provide meal service and essential learning materials that you will need in the home. These will come to you in the form of enhanced learning boxes that you will receive bi-weekly. àIn addition, you will have access to your child’s educator as well as our specialty staff, such as our Health and Wellness Coordinator to support your particular family needs, and a Family Service Worker, who can support you with supplemental resources and referrals. àOur home visitors will continue to do modified home visits supporting families with “front porch learning.”

Surely one of the enduring lessons we can take from this time of great challenge and change is that we all rallied to embody the very best of learning, life skills and resilience. Again, I want to thank you for your support and encouragement. Feel free to reach out to your sites at the numbers listed below.

LLC: 513- 569-4340

TMB: 513-569-0123

Winton: 513-482-3260

Millvale: 513-591-6944

Camp Washington: 513-853-8058

Discovering Minds: 513-482-2578

Home School: 513-787-8250


Renee Y. Daniel
Vice President Early Childhood Education
Head Start/Early Head Start

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